ROCK TECH FZC is a UAE-based manufacture company, has been offering innovative fire safety systems, specialising in fireproof coating for cables, pipes, metal structures and combined passageways as well as seals for fire joints. In addition to our proven range of fire-fighting thermal expanding products, we also offer other construction materials such as firestop mortar, fireproof silicone and acrylic to professional customers in the construction industry and building maintenance.

Our product range covers fire safety systems for buildings, structures and constructions of all sizes and types.

Our products are designed to
stop or prevent the spread of
fire in your property.

We offer fire walls, fire partitions and fire retardant paint to help
minimize damage caused by fire.

Passive fire protection is designed into the structure of the
building, so that in the event of a fire, it is contained within a fire
compartment surrounded by fire-resistant walls and floors.

For the walls and floors to maintain their fire resistance, however,
every opening, penetration and joint must be sealed against the
escape of fire and smoke.

Fire Protection
Systems Design

To assist the designer or specifier in select and specifying
the appropriate firestop system, Rock Tech has a Fire
Protection Systems Design Centre.

We are ready to offer specialist knowledge and experience and work in Design center to provide
support on product specification and naming or to produce customized solutions.

Rock Tech’s highly trained Sales Force
and in-house Fire Protection

Engineering team can help you select the correct products and systems to match your specific project needs.

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