Floor slabs

The raised floor panel serves to create a flat surface of the prefabricated floor, quick and easy access to the space under the raised floor for maintenance of the utilities located there.
The main types of panel coatings:
For the bottom of the floor panel:
■ Aluminum foil
■ Galvanized steel sheet
■ Uncoated for the top of the Flooring panel:
■ PVC flooring
■ Porcelain stoneware
■ Linoleum
■ Carpeting

■ Quick access to the «underground» space
■ Convenient and quick installation
■ Dismantling without loss of functionality
■ High bearing capacity
■ Possibility to realize complex geometry
■ No welding work
■ Antistatic properties of the coating

The base of the board is high-strength calcium sulphate.
On customer’s request it is also possible to produce boards made of chipboard or hollow fiberboard

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