Our products

Rock Tech manufactures fire protection products for buildings of all sizes
and types. Our products are designed to stop or prevent the spread of
fire in your property. We offer fire walls, fire partitions and fire retardant
paint which will help to minimize damage caused by fire. Passive fire
protection is designed into the structure of the building, so that if fire
breaks out, it is contained within a fire compartment, surrounded by
fire-resistive walls and floors.

For the walls and floors to maintain their fire resistance, however,
every opening, penetration and joint must be sealed against the
escape of fire and smoke.

Our fire protection coating can be applied to steel structures, concrete and more for a high level of protection.

The intumescent fire materials used to form the seals must not only fill all gaps at the time of construction, but also, in the event of fire, expand to close any further gaps formed by melted components. These intumescent fire seals, if properly installed, can help prevent fire escaping from a compartment for a rating period of up to several hours. Passive fire protection is essential because it gives time for firefighters and emergency services to work and people to evacuate.

Rock Tech’s highly trained Sales Force
and in-house Fire Protection

Engineering team can help you select the correct products and systems to match your specific project needs.


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