Additional elements raised floor

To organize the transition of personnel from the concrete floor level to the raised floor level, stairs are arranged, which are assembled from the same elements as the raised floor and are a single, integrated into the room construction.
For a total rise in floor for more than 0,45 m there is a need for a railing, which is also a structural element of the raised floor.
The frame of the steps is assembled from the elements of the assembly system. The assembly diagram and specification of the elements is included in the catalogue.
The raised floor panels are laid on the frame, which visually creates the feeling of a single array.

The support shoe is used as a stopper for the floor slabs in the ramp area.
The shoe allows a smooth drive from the concrete floor to the ramp and protects the edges of the flooring from breaking.
■ Simple and robust design
■ Fast fixing to the floor with anchors.
■ Durability and reliability
■ Conveniently and easily roll up carts or pallet trucks
with equipment

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